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Whiskey's Wish
Service Dog Education Sessions


When: Wednesday 31 August 2022

Where: Eatons Hill Hotel

Gold Coast

When: Wednesday 14 September 2022

Where: Mercure Gold Coast Resort

Dog in Nature

Service/Assistance Dogs have become an enormous part of rehabilitation and assistance for many people and increasingly popular BUT how many people understand what it actually means to have one of these dogs and how these dogs can transform and change lives for many people with disabilities. This Education Information Session is particularly targeted as a Guidance for Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatrists to Help Clients Decide if a Service Dog is an Appropriate Health Care Treatment Option.

It will answer some of the most commonly asked questions - What are Service Dogs? Is this the same as an Assistance Dog or a Therapy Dog?  How do they work and what is involved?  What do service dog tasks mean? What is involved in the training and how do I go about accessing this?  Will NDIS cover the training of an Assistance Dog and what is involved?  I am a veteran, first responder etc how can I access this service? 

This Education Information Session will answer many of these pertinent questions and provide many people who work in the Mental Health, Health Services and Therapists, Disability and Veterans sector who are not sure what is involved and would like to have a greater understanding of what information they can impart to their clients, patients and participants, answers to many questions.  It will also provide information for those who are looking to train a dog to become their service dog and the basics involved in doing this as part of NDIS or by our organisation's Service Dog Program that is catered for Veterans, First Responders and Correctional Officers

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